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Knowing the importance role of the accountant/bookkeeper we create the ABE training program for giving to the employers the results need to have to keep their bookkeeping accurate and safe.

Our qualified instructors are now next to your business and create the ABE program according to your company needs.

Why you should apply for the ABE training….

What will you learn in the ABE training?

Accounting training is instruction in setting up a financial tracking system, monitoring the data-entry process for financial transactions, and the interpretation of financial statements for management. Although the accounting process is the same in theory, it's much different in practice when applying it to small and large companies. For instance, the accountant in a large company is most often a financial analyst, reviewing the results of operations, interpreting the results, and presenting information to management.

Small businesses, on the other hand, need someone that can set up a system that will fit their needs, then ensure the data is entered correctly, and finally consult on ideas and strategies that will improve the bottom line.

The problem with many accounting courses?

Most accounting training programs and accounting courses, cater to the large business in developing their curriculum. The primary objective of the degree programs is to teach auditing, management and public reporting or financial results. Little of the training is concerned with proper set up of the accounting records. Furthermore, day-to-day processes have been all but eliminated from the four year and six year curriculum. The emphasis has become analysis of the end product.

This has created an opportunity for Universal Accounting Center to fill that need for small businesses. Curriculum at Universal emphasizes the setup of the accounting system to fit the business needs, monitoring of the actual data entry process, and final interpretive consulting to the business owner. Universal demonstrates throughout the course material how to perform each task and allows the student to experience it him or her self.

Bookkeeping training is different

Bookkeeping is the daily process of recording financial transactions of a business. It includes the maintenance of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll accounts and working with specialty journals. As nearly 90% of all businesses have fewer than 20 employees, there is a good chance that the accountant will also be performing the bookkeeping role for a company.

Although not as technically taxing, bookkeeping still requires knowledge of debits and credits, proper distribution of accounts, and how to research problems. Bookkeeping training must be hands-on to ensure that the student understands not only the purpose of what is being done, but how to do it.

Bearing all theses contents you should not leave your employee who runs either your admin work, either your accounting work stay out of this program…ABE is the best field you can provide to your employee/s and the best feedback you could have as grown up business.

Contact us for further info about the classes either for personal hourly training either to join our group.