Cypriot Company Registration - CYPRUS COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT

Establish your own Cyprus Company (Limited Liability) and operate through Cyprus in a short period of time, thus enjoying significant exemptions and benefits of Cypriot Taxation.

The process of registering a company in Cyprus begins with the filing for approval of the name within 3 days and its establishment is completed within 8 business days.

In addition, the law allows for the transfer of corporate headquarters to or from Cyprus. The relevant regulations have created opportunities for investors, businessmen and foreign companies who can become tax residents of Cyprus and benefit from Cyprus tax legislation.

Find out more about the transfer of headquarters SA or IKE to Cyprus.

Below are the documents required, the process of setting up, the features and the cost of setting up a company in Cyprus.

When finalizing the tax planning that you will discuss and agree with our tax advisers, the following documents are required for the establishment of a Cypriot company and for opening a bank account.

Certified copy of Passport or ID

Certified Copy or Authentic Recent Utility Account (PPC, EYDAP, OTE) to verify residence address

Letter of recommendation from a banking institution or lawyer or licensed accountant. Reference letter templates can be obtained from our office. The letters of recommendation are provided by the banks and your legal advisers with whom you work to make sure they know you.

The above documents can be presented to our representatives in Greece who will validate the copies and will not need to travel outside Greece.

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