National Health System

Ref Category Applied on Phase Α Phase B 01/03/2019 01/03/2020

(i) Employees Own emoluments 1,70% 2,65%

(ii) Employers Employees’ emoluments 1,85% 2,90%

(iii) Self-employed Own income 2,55% 4,00%

(iv) Pensioners Pension 1,70% 2,65%

(v) Persons holding office* Officers’ Remuneration 1,70% 2,65%

(vi) Republic of Cyprus or Natural/Legal person responsible for the remuneration of persons holding an Officers’ Remuneration 1,85% 2,90%

(vii) Persons earning rental, interest, dividend and other income Rental, Interest, Dividend Income etc 1,70% 2,65%

(viii) Republic’s Consolidated Fund Emoluments/Pensions of persons (i), (iii), (iv) and (v) 1,65% 4,70%

As per National Health System Law of 2001 (89(I)/2001 as amended 2017, a national health system is introduced in Cyprus aimed to provide to the population equal access to a holistic health care system.

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