Tax Calendar

Tax Calendar - Date * Obligation Tax Form - End of each month

Payment of tax deducted from employees' salaries last month TF61

Payment of tax withheld from payments to non-tax residents last month TΦ11

Payment of defense levy withheld from dividends or interest or rents ** paid last month ** Where the tenant is a corporation, corporation, government or local authority there is an obligation to withhold tax defense TD601

January 31 - Submission of a Dividend Distribution Statement for 2016 TA623

March 31 - Online submission of income statement for 2017 by individuals and companies preparing audited financial statements TF1, TF4

April 30 - Payment of first installment of life insurance premiums tax for 2019 ΤF199

June 30 - Payment of final tax for 2018 by self-taxation, by individuals (except natural persons preparing audited financial statements) TΦ158

Payment of defense contribution on rents, dividends or interest from sources outside the Republic for the first half of 2019 ΤF601

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