Tax resident of the Republic

A company that is a tax resident of the Republic is taxed on income derived or derived from sources both inside and outside the Republic. A company that is not a tax resident of the Republic is taxed on income derived or derived from sources solely within the Republic. Tax residency A tax resident of the Republic is a company whose control and management is exercised in the Republic. Corporate tax rate Corporate tax 12.5% ​​Exemptions The following income is tax exempt:


• Dividends (note 5) All

• Interest, other than interest earned. All from the normal conduct of a business or closely related to the normal conduct of a business

• Foreign exchange earnings. All differences other than foreign exchange differences arising from foreign exchange trading and related derivatives (note 3)

• Profits from disposal. All Titles (note 4)

• Benefit, surplus or profit resulting from restructuring (note 10)

• Profits from a permanent establishment, held abroad (subject to conditions)

• Rentals of listed building. Everything (with conditions)

• Income of a company operating in the Republic of 50% in the audiovisual industry (with conditions) Corporations Income tax

9 Deductible Expenses Expenses incurred entirely and solely for the purpose of earning income are deducted for the purposes of calculating taxable income, including:


• Interest on the acquisition. All assets used in the business

• Interest on new capital Up to 80% (note 6) of taxable income derived from assets financed by new capital

• Maintenance costs. Depending on the preserved building area (with conditions) of the building

• Donations to approved. All charities

• Donations to political parties. Up to € 50,000 (subject to conditions)

• Earnings from exploitation Up to 80% of intangible assets (page 16)

• Profits from disposal. Up to all intangible assets (page 16)

• Employer contributions to approved funds. All on the salaries of the employees

• Expenditure on scientific research. All including research and development carried out by small and medium-sized innovative enterprises

• Cinema costs. Up to 20% infrastructure and acquisition of technological equipment (subject to conditions)

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